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35,000 poutines sold in support of Mealshare since 2013?! That definitely gives poutine purpose.

Poutine With Purpose started in 2010 as a one-day poutine crawl in Calgary created as a fun social media experiment by MRU instructor Karen Richards. The poutine passion grew into Calgary Poutine Week, and over time, has evolved into an annual food festival frenzy in Calgary, Victoria and this year we are launching in Vancouver!

When we first heard about Mealshare in 2013, we knew this program would give poutine a purpose. For every poutine you buy and enjoy during Poutine with Purpose Week, one simple, healthy meal will be provided to a youth in need. Mealshare wants to end youth hunger in our lifetime - let’s help them do it.

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Give Back and Support Local

For every poutine sold from participating restaurants, a youth in need will receive a healthy meal from Mealshare and their local charity partners. Poutine With Purpose.

Poutine With Purpose is the one week of the year you can eat poutine GUILT FREE! Why? Every poutine sold during Poutine With Purpose in any of the participating restaurants provides a simple, healthy meal to a youth in need through our Mealshare charity partners. Poutine with purpose. 

How does Poutine With Purpose work? 

  • Find a poutine or restaurant that you want to try on this website

  • Eat poutine

  • Provide a meal to a youth in need

  • Talk about it #PoutineWithPurpose

If you would like to be a sponsor of Poutine With Purpose in your city, or are a restaurant wanting to participate, please email poutinewithpurpose@gmail.com. 

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