Welcome to the Gravy Bowl 

To kickoff Poutine With Purpose we are bringin' it with the thrid annual Gravy Bowl competition. Teams made up a Chef + a Calgary Stampeder and a + Local Brewery  create poutines and go head to head in heated competition throughout Squeaky Week to sell the most poutines for Mealshare. Stay tuned for each team's poutine entry and follow the smacktalk on social! 

Congratulations to Anju Restaurant for winning this year's Gravy Bowl! 

The competition continues all week as Gravy Bowl restaurants compete to sell the most poutines during Poutine With Purpose so be sure to get out and try them all! 


2018 gravy bowl teams 


Team #1 Guild common crown

Shane Mah, Chef, The Guild

Charlie Power #46 Running Back

Common Crown Brewery

Guild Common Crown team.jpeg

Common Crown Poutine

Common Crown Poutine; hopped wheat ale, brined roast chicken, green peas, smoked bacon, ale-brined Quebec cheese curds, spent grain and ale gravy, crisp cabbage.


Team #2 Nash Toolshed

Paul McGreevy, Chef, Nash

Rob Maver, #6 Punter



If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It Poutine

"If it ain't broke don't fix it" Poutine. Crispy fried chicken, cheese curds, Tool Shed red Rage hot sauce, fries and brown butter gravy


Team #3 Raw Bar Brewsters

Peter Paiva, Chef, Raw Bar 

Alex Singleton, #49 Linebacker 


Raw Bar KPop.jpg

K-Pop Poutine

K-Pop Poutine; twice cooked fries, Korean style chorizo, brie gravy Brewsters Hawaiian Coconut Porter and gochujang ketchup.

Team #4 Wild Belle

Aaron Scherr, Chef, Belle BBQ 

DeVone Claybrooks, Coach

Wild Rose Brewery

Belle Wild Rose Gravy Bowl.jpg












Wild Belle Brisket Poutine

Applewood Smoked Russet Wedges | Caramelized Onions | Cheese Curds | Wild Rose Crude Stout Gravy | Belle Smoked Brisket | Truffle Aioli | Perfect Poached Egg


Team #5 Last Best market

Evan Robertson, Chef, Market

Bo Levi Mitchell Quarterback

Last Best Brewery

Lamb Braised Poutine

Crispy Golden Fries, MARKET Smoked Bocconcini, Duck Confit, Last Best Black Lager Gravy


Team #6 anju banded peak

Roy Oh, Owner and Chef, Anju Restaurant

Quinn Smith  #68 Offensive Lineman

Banded Peak Brewery

Anju Banded Peak.jpg

Pocha Poutine

Gochujang wagyu hot dogs, beer battered cheese curds, fried egg, oxtail beer gravy, eaweed, green onions, kennebec fries.


Team #7 home and away half hitch

Mike Pigot,  Executive Chef, Home and Away

Adam Thibault, #2 Defensive Back

Half Hitch Brewery

HomeAway Half Hitch.jpg

Braised Beef Poutine Poutine

Braised Beef Poutine; braised Heritage Angus beef brisket, house cut fries, cheese curds, Half Hitch pale ale infused beef gravy, roasted red peppers, crispy fried onions, and chimmichurri sauce.


Team #8 dandy brasserie

Cam Dobranski Chef/Owner, Brasserie and Kensington Wine Bar

Rene Parades #30 Kicker

Dandy Brewing Company

Brasserie Veg.jpg

Lost In The Woods Poutine

Vegetarian Poutine with Alberta cold-pressed canola oil frites, Alberta cheese curds, pickled romanesco, Dandy Brewery mushroom gravy, and crispy onion.

Team #9 Annex last best 

Adam, Chef, Last Best Brewery 

Deron Mayo, Linebacker

Annex Brewery

Last Best 2018.jpg

Dry Aged Steakhouse Poutine

Dry Aged Steakhouse Poutine. Dry Aged Beef Belly, Crispy Oyster Mushrooms, Tiger Blue Cheese, Sylvan Star Cheese Curds, Annex ale demi gravy on Steak Fries.



Congratulations! It was such a great day with 8 poutines and 8 local breweries to sample - difficult for the judges to pick one big winner. Thank you to all the chefs, Stampeders and breweries for participating in the Gravy Bowl in support of Mealshare. 

Winners of the 2016 Gravy Bowl 

On Saturday, April 16 the seven Gravy Bowl teams went head to head in an epic battle at Anju Restaurant. The judges deliberated and chose the winner Briggs Kitchen and Bar Newf's Lobster Poutine! 

At the end of Poutine Week the winner of the most poutines sold by a Gravy Bowl team goes to Wurst for selling 259 poutines! 

Congratulations to all the teams for a fantastic Gravy Bowl competition.