Welcome to the Gravy Bowl 

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Gravy Bowl - Yellow Door Bistro and Banded Peak Brewery! And winner of the People’s Choice Award - Elbow Room and Half Hitch Brewery!

To kickoff Poutine With Purpose we are bringin' it with the thrid annual Gravy Bowl competition. Teams made up a Chef + Local Brewery create poutines and go head to head in a heated, live competition and throughout Poutine With Purpose to sell the most poutines for Mealshare. Stay tuned for each team's poutine entry and follow the smacktalk on social! 

2019 gravy bowl teams 

Team #1 Cleaver Railyard

Barbara Spain, Chef, Cleaver

Railyard Brewery

Cleaver Railyard team photo.jpeg

Mad Cow Poutine

8 hour braised beef short rib, Railyard pale ale gravy, telaggio cream, Quebec cheese curds, roasted cipolini onion. Double dipped duck fat fries.

Team #2 Modern Brewsters

Dustin Schafer, Chef Modern Steak

Brewsters Brewery

Gravy Bowl Team Modern Brewsters.jpg

Mussel Poutine

Mussel poutine with lobster tarragon gravy featuring Jimmy's Easy IPA.

Team #3 Elbow Room half hitch

Ryan Blackwell, Chef, Elbow Room

Half Hitch Breweries

Gravy Bowl Team Elbow Half Hitch.jpg

Alberta Prairie Poutine

Alberta Prairie Poutine; fennel & ale Hogwild boar, curds, crispy brussels, serrano aioli, charred shallot, Half Hitch prairie ale gastrique, traditional gravy

Team #4 leopold’s annex

Chris Grieves, Chef, Leopold’s

Annex Ales

The Foreward Progress Poutine

Annex ginger beer braised chicken, annex forward progress ponzu sauce, kimchi, sesame “tofu” curds, peanut sauce and sweet fries.

Team #5 yellow door banded peak

Scott Redekopp, Chef, Yellow Door Bistro

Banded Peak Brewery

Lamb Gyro Poutine

House made lamb gyro, halloumi cheese, Banded Peak Southern Aspect herb gravy, twice cooked fries topped with tabbouleh & garlic sauce.

Team #6 guild last best

Jason Greene, Chef, Guild

Last Best Brewery

Gravy Bowl team Guild .JPG

The Big Smoke Poutine

House cut fries, Quebec cheese curds, “Dirty Bird” gravy, smoked beef brisket, crunchy bacon, mushrooms, Chimichurri sauce.

Team #7 double zero wild rose

Kevin, Chef, Double Zero

Wild Rose Brewery

Five Crack Jack Poutine

Cacio de pepe poutine, Wild Rose infused chicken gravy, fresh cracked pepper, Guanciale lardons, fresh mozza curds; 


Team #8

Trent Bochek, Chef, 4th Spot

Cold Garden Brewery

Trent Gravy Bowl Team pic.png

BBQ In The Garden Poutine

Hand cut fries, Quebec cheese curds, pork belly burnt ends, jalapeño cheese hush puppies, Cold Garden Red Smashed In Buffalo Jump Irish Red Ale gravy, Mike’s Hot Honey, BBQ Spot Drizzle, green onion.

Congratulations to Anju Restaurant for winning 2018 Gravy Bowl! 



Congratulations! It was such a great day with 8 poutines and 8 local breweries to sample - difficult for the judges to pick one big winner. Thank you to all the chefs, Stampeders and breweries for participating in the Gravy Bowl in support of Mealshare. 

Winners of the 2016 Gravy Bowl 

On Saturday, April 16 the seven Gravy Bowl teams went head to head in an epic battle at Anju Restaurant. The judges deliberated and chose the winner Briggs Kitchen and Bar Newf's Lobster Poutine! 

At the end of Poutine Week the winner of the most poutines sold by a Gravy Bowl team goes to Wurst for selling 259 poutines! 

Congratulations to all the teams for a fantastic Gravy Bowl competition.