Poutine with purpose 2018 

OH MY CURD we sold 11,000 poutines during Poutine With Purpose Week breaking last year’s record by 3,000! Wow. That helps 11,000 youth in need through Mealshare - good job Calgary!

Top sellers:

  1. TheGuildCalgary with 949

  2. Mill Street with 416

  3. Ship and Anchor with 349

Top sellers with multiple locations: Leopolds Tavern with 920, Hudsons Pub with 686, Montreal Hotdogs with 679 and EOB Breakfast with 588!


Poutine With Purpose is the 7 days of the year you can eat poutine GUILT FREE! Why? Every poutine sold during Poutine With Purpose Week in any of the participating restaurants provides a free meal to someone in need thanks to our partner, Canadian non profit Mealshare. Poutine with purpose. 

In 2017, Calgary Poutine With Purpose sold 8,000 poutines which means 8,000 youth received a free meal! 

How does Poutine With Purpose work? 

  • Find a poutine or restaurant that you want to try

  • Eat poutine

  • Provide a meal to a youth in need

  • Talk about it #PoutineWeekYYC

If you would like to be a sponsor of Calgary Poutine With Purpose Week or are a restaurant wanting to participate please email poutinewithpurpose@gmail.com!