Poutine week 2018 

OH MY CURD we sold 11,000 poutines during Poutine Week breaking last year’s record by 3,000! Wow. That helps 11,000 youth in need through Mealshare - good job Calgary!

Top Poutine Week sellers:

  1. TheGuildCalgary with 949

  2. Mill Street with 416

  3. Ship and Anchor with 349

Top sellers with multiple locations: Leopolds Tavern with 920, Hudsons Pub with 686, Montreal Hotdogs with 679 and EOB Breakfast with 588!


Poutine Week is the 7 days of the year you can eat poutine GUILT FREE! Why? Every poutine sold during Poutine Week in any of the participating restaurants provides a free meal to someone in need thanks to our partner, Canadian non profit Mealshare. Poutine with purpose. 

In 2017, Calgary Poutine Week sold 8,000 poutines which means 8,000 youth received a free meal! 

How does Poutine Week work? 

  • Find a poutine or restaurant that you want to try
  • Eat poutine
  • Provide a meal to a youth in need
  • Talk about it #PoutineWeekYYC

If you would like to be a sponsor of Calgary Poutine Week or are a restaurant wanting to participate please email calgarypoutine@gmail.com!