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Victoria Poutine Week 2018 Restaurants

Find a restaurant or a poutine you want to try on this page! Cheesy goodness awaits you. Make sure to check restaurants websites for hours of operation and reservation information.

Blue Fox Cafe

Slow roasted pulled pork poutine. With roasted jalapenos, onions and garlic. BC Kennebec fries, Quebec cheese curds, housemade spicy ham gravy, with a jalapeno lime slaw on the side.



varsha indian kitchen 

TWO amazing poutines to choose from! Butter Chicken Poutine and Tiger Poutine.

Butter Chicken Poutine. Masala fries topped with cheese curds, marinated chicken and our house made butter chicken sauce. *Can be made vegetarian. $13


Tiger Poutine. Masala fries and yam fries, topped with our house made butter chicken sauce, crispy masala pork belly and sriracha mayo. $14

Varsha Tiger Prawn.jpg

Swan's Brewery Pub

Scotch Egg Poutine. Crisp crinkle cut fries, squeaky cheese curds, house gravy, smoked mayo, and a scotch egg (soft boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried). Available day and night. Note: the portion is mammoth! $18

Swans Scotch Egg Poutine Photo.jpg


garrick's head pub 

Traditional pub poutine with delicious beer-battered fries, curds and gravy. Option to add bacon or pulled pork.

Garrick's Poutine.jpg


Original Joe's (Langford and tuscany locations)

The Big Pig Poutine. Fresh cut french fries, Quebec cheese curds, pulled pork, chopped bacon, smoked brown gravy garnished with creamy slaw and parsley.


the rolling reef food truck

Do the Reggae Poutine. Authentic kennebec fries, cheese churds, Caribbean spiced gravy with pulled braised beef & pickled jalapenos. $10.00

Use the Rolling Reef Food Truck Street Food App, click ‘Learn More’ Button to find this delicious poutine

Use the Rolling Reef Food Truck Street Food App, click ‘Learn More’ Button to find this delicious poutine

Empire Donuts

Waffle Fries Poutine. Chicken gravy, slow roasted chicken, cheese curds on top of waffle fries. $10.50.

Empire donuts poutine.png

Heron Rock Bistro

Duck Poutine. Duck confit, green onions, Quebecois cheese curds, and house gravy over kennebec potato fries.

duck poutine overhead.jpg


Smoked brisket and fried onion poutine.


q at the Fairmont Empress Hotel  

Two delicious poutines are being offered at Q - a Bone Marrow Poutine and a Vegan Poutine!

Bone Marrow Poutine. Rosemary-garlic fries, roasted bone marrow, squeaky comox cheese curds, pinot noir demi-glace. $16

Q 2 Bone Marrow.jpg

Vegan Poutine. Fresh cut fries, spicy gochujang cauliflower cashew cheese, mushroom-miso gravy. $14

Q Vegan.jpg

The Rose pub

Oktoberfest Poutine. House fries loaded with cheese curds, caramelized onion & mustard seed chicken gravy, house made sauerkraut, grilled sausage, sour cream and green onion, topped with a couple of beer battered onion rings. $14


The Collective Wine Bar

Beef Bourguignon Poutine. Red wine braised beef, pearl onions, buttery mushrooms, curds and veal gravy on house-cut fries. $14


Clives Classic Lounge

Tater Tot Poutine. House-made roast chicken tater tots, local cheese curds, fresh tomatoes, black olives, crispy jalapenos, and green onions served with a pepper jack aged cheddar cheese sauce. $14.


Floyd’s (Downtown location)

Floyd's Fries topped with classic cheese curds, house gravy, Floyd's signature slow roasted shredded Beef Barbacoa and finished with our famous chipotle mayo and cilantro! $13.95



Coney Island Fries. Fresh cut fries with a warm 3 cheese and garlic sauce, topped with gravy.


blue crab seafood house

Parmesan truffle fries, Quebec cheese curds, seafood veloute, Atlantic lobster, house pickled onion. $18

Blue Crab.jpeg

Sizzling tandoor - westshore

Butter Chicken Poutine. House-made butter chicken in a tomato, sweet and savoury heavy cream based curry with rich flavours of garlic, onion, fenugreek and cardamom.


Northern Quarter 

Smoked ham hock, cheese curds, chicharron.

Northern Q.jpeg

Breakfast Poutine - weekends only. Roasted garlic miso hollandaise, poached eggs, cheese curds, frites.

Northern Q breakfast.jpeg

fifth street restaurant and pub

5th Street’s House Poutine. Fresh-cut fries, crispy bacon, cheese curds, green onions and beef gravy. Classic done right.

5th Poutine 5[1].jpg

Very Good Butchers

Animal lovers Poutine. Apple and sage British Bangers, crumbled Very Good Burger, shredded Ribz, and our house-made seitan bacon topped with sauerkraut and garlic mayo.

Very Good Butchers.JPG