2017 Restaurants

Find a restaurant or a poutine you want on this page! Cheesy goodness awaits you. 

5th Street bar and woodfired grill

Hand cut Kennebec fries, crispy bacon, traditional cheese curds, house-made beef gravy 

5th Poutine 6.jpg


very good butchers 

Vegan poutine with BBQ jackfruit, bacon, and mozza curds



varsha indian kitchen 

Butter Chicken Poutine. Masala fries topped with cheese curds, chicken and our house made butter chicken sauce. 


Swan's Brewery Pub

Buffalo Chicken Poutine. Hot sauce braised chicken mixed with crispy french fries and squeaky curds topped with house made gravy.

Swans buffalo chicken poutine.jpg


garrick's head pub 

Deep brown gravy, cheese curds, and beer-battered fries!  Add ons are always available such as bacon and green onions or pulled pork.

Garricks Poutine 2017.jpg


Original Joe's (Langford and tuscany locations)

Pulled Pork Poutine with seasoned hand cut fries, Quebec cheese curd and brown gravy.


Agrius Restaurant

Sauerkraut Poutine Hash. Double fried hash-browns, cheese curds, gravy, sauerkraut, garlic breadcrumb.

Agrius poutine pic.jpg

Northern Quarter 

Norther Quarter is offering three amazing poutines! 

Northern Quarter Poutine; Frites, cheese curds, smoked pork gravy

Northern Q.jpg

Lamb Poutine; Braised lamb neck, cheddar beer sauce, frites - only available during Poutine Week

Breakfast poutine Northern Q.jpg

Breakfast Poutine only available on Saturday and Sundays; Frites, cheese curds, poached eggs, garlic miso hollandaise

Northern Q breakfast poutine.jpg

floyd's diner (downtown and langford locations)

Cheeseburger Poutine; Floyds fries topped with cheese curds, gravy, burger, 2 piece bacon, cheese sauce, green onion. 


q at the Fairmont Empress Hotel  

Truffled Duck Poutine; Duck confit, poached duck egg, shaved truffles, gravy.

Q empress.jpg


blue crab seafood house

Winter Lobster Poutine; Fresh lobster, mornay sauce, Quebec curds, yam fries

Blue Crab Lobster Poutine.png


Pluto Poutine; french fries and onion rings with mixed cheese, roasted garlic and gravy. 


Crows Restaurant 

Polenta Fries Butter Chicken Poutine; strips of polenta fried till crispy, then topped with our butter chicken and mozzarella cheese. Garnished with green onions.



Fiamo pizza and wine bar 

 Three Meat Bolognese Poutine; simmered bolognese with lamb, beef and pancetta, fior di latte and mozzarella served on top of our house cut fries


bodega tapas wine bar 

“Papas Supremas”; roasted potatoes with garlic aioli, topped with Serrano ham, a soft boiled egg, and shaved manchego cheese. 



Duck and Truffle Poutine; fresh burgundy and piemonte black truffles shaved over duck fat confit fries doused in pecorino and white truffle fonduta (pecorino cheese sauce)

Screenshot 2017-10-18 13.30.05.png